The star player of the Cleveland Lebrons, Lebron James, made an interesting decision earlier this week, filing  to change his number from 23 to 6 which is the number he has worn in the olympics. Lebron expressed to a Cleveland reporter that his decision is fueled by the immense respect he has for his childhood idol Michael Jordan as well as other personal reasons.

Even though Lebron claims his decision is out of respect some people are speculation that this may be a marketing move. Does the number 23 still have enough fuel in the tank to make Lebron a billion dollar athlete or has it been exhausted by years of global advertising by Jordan? At one point in the interview Lebron seemed excited to get away from the number 23 when he said “If you see 23, you think about Michael Jordan,” James said. “You see game-winning shots; you see guys fly through the air,  you see fly kicks, you just see Michael .”

Can you really blame him? Don’t get me wrong, Jordan was great, but Lebron is a new breed of athlete. Listed as 6’8″ 250lb’s, Lebron is unlike any player in the league. He can play every position on the floor at any time and I know I was young , but I don’t recall Jordan ever doing this.

The bottom line is this, ever since Tiger proved to us he has the sexual promiscuity of Ron Jeremy the title for worlds wealthiest and most popular athlete is up for grabs. Changing from 23 to 6 may just be the boost Lebron needs.


Young Money in Milwaukee

Brandon Jennings is quickly becoming one of the most electrifying players in the NBA. Jennings’ rookie season has not only been packed with highlight real dunks, but he also became the youngest player to score 50 points in a game when he scored 55 against Golden State earlier this year. He scored 29 points in the third quarter alone!  The young guards points per game are not the only thing people are talking about. Jennings possesses a forty inch vertical leap which really gives his dunks a wow factor. From his pattented windmill to a simple reverse he performs all his dunks with a certain flair and finess that is matched by very  players in the league. His highlights on the court are not the only thing generating buzz. Jennings’s seems to have a new hair cut every week which is always the topic of conversation for Sports Center analysts.

Imagine what kind of buzz he would be generating if the Knicks never passed on him. Thanks a lot Isiah. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago critics were bashing Jennings for skipping college, and instead going across the pond to play professionaly in Italy. Averaging nearly 17 ppg this season, Jennings has muffled his critics not only with his stats but also his raw atheltic ability. 

With the NBA ‘s rule banning players entering the league straight from highschool it’s not hard to believe that more and more highschoolers will be following in Jennings’s footsteps and playing in Europe. And why not? If these atheltes have the ability to earn a living fresh out of highschool they should be allowed to, whether it’s in the U.S.A or abroad. If you don’t know who Brandon  Jennings is or  your just want to see him in action check out this video..

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